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Hey there! I'm Talia.
Born in Johannesburg, SA. I moved to the UK with my parents when I was 8
years old. My connection to my Jewish - South African heritage has always
been rooted in food - from festivals & celebrations to weekday dinners.
I have been working as a pastry chef for over 10 years.
I began in hotel kitchens, and moved on to working for smaller
independent establishments. I spent a great deal of my career
in the ice cream business, but decided to make my own
mark on the London food scene with products that are
close to my heart.
I am passionate about quality & flavour using
the best possible ingredients I can.
I aim to bring a little bit of joy to the lives of the people who eat
my food, be it a taste of nostalgia or a new experience.



Baking has been at the heart of my upbringing,
particularly around festivals,
the house smelling sweetly of freshly baked delights.
Babka is something that has been made in my family for generations.
What you see here is a little different to the Babka I grew up eating.
I’ve given it a make-over, but there is just as much heart and soul in
each loaf as my mum’s Ouma put into her bakes, and the ones my
granny made - teaching my mother, and then passing that love on to me.
I share with you a little love and passion from my family to yours.


The Painted Wolf/African Wild Dog/Cape Hunting Dog/Lycaon Pictus
are beautiful, highly social animals of which I am a huge fan of.
I chose to use these beautiful but sadly endangered creatures
as my mascot to reflect my South African roots and love of safari.
Awareness of them urgently needs to be
raised to protect them from extinction.